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Free Workshops for the local community many people are getting to know us through the sale of our second hand goods and friendly service, but did you also know we have been behind the scenes creating FREE community workshops for the people of York?! We are funding the workshops through our second hand goods sales and are so excited to be able to give something positive back to the local community! Our workshops are focused around learning new skills, making new friends, and being a part of something. We believe our local community really needs this, and especially now after what has been a really isolating and tough year for many. Workshops are inclusive to all walks of life, and as well as working with many local people, we will also be working alongside various charities and organisations in the York area. It is clear that mental health has been on the rise again, and at the same time there has been limited access to vital services due to Covid-19. Although we understand many people will need to work with more professional services to help them get back on track, we also know a lot of people just miss having some one to talk too, or something constructive to do. Our workshops and community vibe mean we are the perfect place to come and keep your mind busy, and as they will be running regularly, we hope to see the same faces returning and working through different courses, and really becoming a part of the project!

Our workshops run from absolute beginner level right up to advanced, and there really is something for everyone…even if you just want a cuppa and a chat! Our beginner workshops include Lego building! We want you to have fun, get creative, and leave with your creation feeling a part of something new. We expect these workshops to be really popular! Our intermediate workshops include Furniture Up-cycling, and we know bringing old tired furniture back to life is something many people are passionate about! These workshop are focused on a little bit more skill, along with the use of our many tools. They require a little more concentration and skill, but our team will be on hand to help where needed! Our most Advanced level workshop is Bespoke Design, where you will be learning trade level skills and creating a one off piece of art! This is a workshop for people with higher abilities, but you can start on our beginners and work your way up to it, there’s no rush or pressure but we want to help you advance if you are keen to do so. We are partnering with Recycle York bike shop who will also be running bike safety checks along with multiple bike maintenance courses…we think these ones are going to be very busy too, and we can’t wait to offer this sort of practical hands on learning service to the local community! 
If you want to know more about workshops please see the workshop section on the website and make an enquiry.

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Want to help make the world a better place?

Want to help make the world a better place?

Donate your unwanted goods so we can continue to recycle and reuse.

Donate your unwanted goods so we can continue to recycle and reuse.