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Temporarily closed due to break in 😢

You may have seen on our social media recently that we have had to temporarily close The Borrowers lending library due to having been broken into. If it wasn’t stolen, it was destroyed… We understand the importance of this service and delivering an affordable solution to having things you need without the need to buy them. 

This isn’t goodbye, it is we’ll be back! We have to restock, we have to re-think storage and a few other things, we are aiming to have The Borrowers lending library relaunched by the end of the year!

Want to help us out?

We are always on the hunt for donations or an extra pair of hands to help us, especially now that we need to re-build what we worked so hard to implement for our community. We would encourage you to reach out to us on Facebook or pop us an email. Whatever or however you think you may be able to help us with, we’re all ears. 

Thank you for your continued support and patience. We really are truly sorry we have had to do this… As much as this is a step back, we have plans to be back so please keep checking in with us or subscribe to our newsletter to be kept up to speed with what we’re up to and when we’re looking to relaunch.

A lending library that welcomes EVERYONE

Welcome to THE BORROWERS – York’s first lending library of its kind! We have an ever growing catalogue of items you can borrow for as little or as long as you need. To get the most out of the library, we recommend one of our monthly membership, this way there are no daily fees, you get access to our massive library AND access to all our pick-up points.

Choose from a wide selection of tools to tackle most DIY jobs
Become a collection point and get a free membership to help your community thrive
Power tools to tackle even the biggest of gardens
Take to the outdoors with friends and family, we've got everything you will need
Home gym equipment to keep in shape without having to go to the gym
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Want to take the family camping but don’t want the expense of a tent and all the accessories, just to pack it all away again for another year? We’ve got you covered! This way you have the world at your fingertips, and for a very low cost, you can utilise multiple items at a time from our lending library, without the need to store away or sell on afterwards.  

Why not just BORROW them from us?!

The items come back to us for cleaning and maintenance before letting someone else enjoy them! Makes so much more sense – don’t you think?! 

Explore our Lending Library

If you already have an account, click login to get started. If not, click on create account to begin your journey. Search for what you need, choose the days you want them, and send in your reservation. 

Sign up today for FREE

Community Memberships

Our community memberships gives YOU the chance to give back to your community. You can get access to our community membership by simply sending us an email and expressing interest. Whether you are a community center, youth club, or other organization, you’re half way there. Get in touch!

Pay As You Go - Free!

This membership is perfect for the casual borrower. It’s free to sign up, then you just pay for rentals as you go (please note the daily rental fees on individual listings). Here’s what is included:

Access to our massive inventory.

Unlimited rentals per month .

5 items out at any one time.

Access to all pick-up points.



Get the best value for your money and take full advantage of our library with a monthly membership. NO DAILY FEES!

A one-off monthly payment of £20 gives you the following:


Monthly rolling contract

Access to our massive inventory.

40 rentals per month .

5 items checked out at any one time.

Access to all pick-up points.


Our annual membership offers the same benefits as the monthly membership. However, paying annually gives you an extra £40 SAVINGS!! Here’s what you get:


Access to our massive inventory

40 rentals per month. 

5 items out at any one time.

Access to all pick-up points.

Become a collection point, and get a FREE community membership.

Help give your organization members access to our full library through your own community membership.

Our Pick-up Points

We have various pick-up points located throughout York. You can find the closest one to you and book for your item to be dropped off and picked up there. 

We are actively seeking new pick-up points. If you think your location is suitable then we want to hear from you. If your organisation, community project or charity is interested then please email us (simply click the button below).

What can you borrow?

(Just to let you know, there is faaaar more available to borrow than just these 6 categories)

Sporting equipment

From boxing to football, snowboarding to hiking… our lending library has everything you could possibly need.

Outdoor & camping

Going for a forage in the forest? Need a tent or a stove? There are items available you could never have thought of.

Petrol garden equipment

Spring clean in the garden? Our petrol gardening tools will make tackling your jungle a breeze.


There is an abundance of different tools to suit all trades, abilities, and requirements.


Whether it’s a party you’re having or a new tenancy you’ve signed, we’ve got you covered.

Gaming & accessories

You will be able to take a trip down memory lane or play the latest in gaming tech.

Become a borrower, at Yorks First Lending Library! Be part of a community organization focused on making a difference.

York’s Lending Library.

Well it seems every major city in the UK has its own Lending library these days, so why not in York! The Recycle Project is already at the forefront of creating a circular economy and we found ourselves the perfect candidates to start a Lending library.  We recycle over 20 tonnes of reusable goods every month and constantly look for ways to get these items back into the community. Lots of items in our library have been recovered from household waste sites. 

Lending Libary
Lending Library

Have your say at york’s lending library.

We hold a monthly meeting to discuss how the library can improve. We want everyone to have access within the community and would love to have your input on how we can make this happen. The doors are open wide for anyone to attend our monthly improvement meeting, from users to organizations and officials. We realise the potential our library has to improve lives and want to keep it inclusive and open to the whole community. 

Helping to save our planet.

Initiatives like lending libraries contribute to a more circular economy, reducing our carbon footprint and encouraging a borrow don’t buy generation. Not to mention reducing waste, saving money and reducing the need for space. The list of benefits goes on, and the more people that become borrowers the bigger the benefits on a global scale. Joining a lending library is a big step in contributing to the circular economy. If you would like to sign up you can do it easily through the website, and start your borrowing journey! 

Lending Library

Our community.

Kids Gardening

We give free memberships to local charities/non profit organizations, giving their users access to the library. As our user base increases we will use some of the profits to provide more community memberships.

Circular economy...

Circular economy

Our lending library fits into the consumption segment. The more people borrow the less we consume! How many times have you bought something to use it only once?

Become a volunteer...

We are recruiting volunteers to help grow and maintain the library. We are not short of items to fill York’s library with, the problem is having a team with the right ethos to help us pull it off. Please get in touch via email to register your interest.

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