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Shelf design: In the workshop

Want to get creative and practical at the same time?

In the Workshop is looking at shelf design this time and what a treat we have for you this time. As always, things to remember, this workshop is FREE, but you do have to book your place (on the shelf design workshop page), you do not need to be experienced and we provide everything you need on the day.  

This workshop is fun because you really get to let your creativity run free. We see some individuality in our other workshops, the bird feeder, wine rack and bathroom organiser all give you the opportunity to get creative, but with the shelf design, you really get free reign in the design process. 

Stained wood assembled in the shelf design workshop

We guide you through the whole process, from stripping the pallets, designing your shelf right through to assembly and creation of it. The workshop runs from 8.45am – 4pm, meaning you have the full day working hands-on to bring your creation to life. We have had great feedback from these projects and workshops that we have made them part of our pallet works program.  

Shelf design project from workshop

In these workshops, there in an environment in which you can create something, get out the house, learn a new skill and get to experience life at The Recycle Project.

We have a fully functioning workshop that you can feel comfortable and safe in, a shop that you can explore full of wonderful things for sale. 

Almost everything we use is, reclaimed or recovered from our community, then reused and recycled to embed the circular economy. You might wonder how we are able to provide free workshops. They are fully funded through sales in our shop and through the things we make and up-cycle in our drop-in sessions.  

reclaimed wood for pallet workshop

When we recover items from around the North Yorkshire household recycling centres, we think of the best way to get them into the community and apply that. That’s why, when you come in and make your shelf, we have made it so you can purchase your creation at the end of the session to help us, help more people.  

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Go and have a look at our workshops section, we have things to do like furniture up-cycling, musical instrument up-cycling, arts & crafts and a whole array of different pallet work workshops too. You will find something for everyone, and we are constantly working on improving and growing what we have available to you, so make sure you stay up to date with what we are up to.  

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