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We have so much stock, by shopping with us you are helping contribute to a circular economy and reinvesting into your community by saving ‘waste’ from household recycling centres from around North Yorkshire.





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Social media is important to us. It is how we connect with our audiences and share our campaigns and information on our free workshops and more. We have all our events on Facebook, our Instagram is alive with fun, bright pictures of what we are up to and selling, we also have YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn.


everything recovered from household waste sites

We are proud to say that all items in our shop are either recovered from household recycling centres or upcycled in our workshops.

Service with a smile

Because we are passionate about getting our recycled items back into the community, everything we do is centred around positivity and giving back.

thousands of items to suit every taste

From household furniture and furnishings to camping, sporting goods and children’s toys, we have everything.

UP Cycled ITEMS hand-crafted in our worksHop

UP by TRP is our premium brand. A range of unique salvaged items and beautifully created one-off pieces.

"A real-life Aladdin’s cave"

What do we stock?

Take a peek inside our Wonderworld


From drawers and cabinets to TV stands, vanity units and book cases… We recover an array of different furniture for all your different rooms.

Sporting goods

Golf clubs, boxing bags, snowboards & croquet sets, we have seen it all come through out warehouse. You would be surprised!


If you need a top-up of tools, we have all sorts in stock. Ranging from hammers and spanners to electric and petrol powered tools.

Kids toys

Our kids section is massive! Kids toys, games and books. Enough to keep your little one entertained without breaking the bank.


We're surprised by how many mirrors we recover. Big ones, small ones and shiny ones, you have to see it to believe it!

Garden & Outdoor

Tables, plant pots, chairs, tents, gas stoves and so much more! Our outdoor & garden section is chock full of items.

Musical equipment

If you’d like to try your hand at a new hobby, then you can come and pick up an accordion, keyboard, guitars or even a set of drums!


Bric-a-brac means small trinkets, ornaments and soft furnishings. Opening the cave door will send your senses tingling.