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Recycling events: Furniture & Clothes swap

Recycling events: Furniture event & clothes swap happened on Saturday. What a day!

If you follow us on social media, you will have noticed that we had a double event this gone weekend. What a day we had on Saturday. The shop was alight with action. Our Recycling events are growing and it is exciting to see so many people engaging and wanting to take advantage of the offers we have.

Recycling event 1: The furniture frenzy

SO many people came down to The Recycle Project HQ to either take part or see what all the fuss was about. We were overwhelmed by the support and amount of people who came to see what was available at the two recycling events this weekend.

We understand, that making the most of what you have is so important, especially in today’s age. That’s why, we think circular economy first. We ask ourselves ‘how can we get these items back into the community as fast as we can?’ 

Bringing these events to fruition is no easy feat. There is a lot of preparation that goes into these events. Many trips to the various Household Recycling Centres across North Yorkshire and many hours bashing heads to bring the concept to life.

At the end of the day we were left with very little. We were so pleased by the way this event was received, that we will definitely be bringing the furniture frenzy back to support our other events that run throughout the month. 

We would recommend that you keep an eye out on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram regarding updates on the events. We will be putting together a section on the website with all the info on but for now, the safes place to be checking is the socials. 

We understand that people are ALWAYS in need of furniture. That’s why we have a stock room FULL! You’d be crazy to wait until the event to come and just have a look around, you will definitely be missing out on some absolute gems!

customers shopping within the recycle project

The Clothes Swap recycling event was born a few weeks ago, our first event, which was was a roaring success, which brought us to not even have to think too much on it before bringing it back. 

The amount of people who take value in this event is really reassuring, and confirms to us, that it is something that our community requires and is sought after. 

The nature of this event, we were really surprised and humbled by the amount of people who were coming solely to donate, to this people thank you so much!

What generally happens at these clothes swap recycling events, people would bring a bag of clothes (they no longer want or need) then they swap them with the clothes that we have in stock here. It was suggested to us by one of our volunteers and is an event that we are really proud of and excited to keep running. 

The nature of this type of event means, that we don’t actually get a good look through the clothes before they are out and on the shop floor for the event. Especially when other people are adding clothes in all the time, it is a forever changing stock.

That means, if you plug in your eagle eyes, you could capture yourself an absolute bargain. We had someone fund a beautiful vintage jumper in the selection a few weeks ago, safe to say, we were both buzzing! She got a bargain and a new jumper and we helped get some clothing back into the community. 

If you do have clothes that you don’t want or like anymore, we always welcome donations, so if you don’t want to weigh your clothes in, bring them down to The Recycle Project CIC and we will give them a new lease of life for you. Helping keep those wheels of the circular economy turning.

About Clothes swap with recycle project logo

A big thank you. It’s all made possible with your forward thinking

It goes without saying, what we do, couldn’t be done without the help of all of our amazing staff members, volunteers and we can’t forget the customers and members of the public we get through our doors. We want to spread a message of positivity and possibility. 

We aim to do this by changing people’s perspective on what they deem to be ‘waste.’ For example, we got a Beech chopping board in the shop today, from one of the household recycling centres, Daz managed to plane it down, sand it, oil and stain it, now it is back up to standard and raring to go.

We run free workshops that help you learn how to upcycle, make things out of pallet and reclaimed wood and so much more. 

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