The Recycle Project is currently open for business for appointments only. Where possible we will send pictures of our goods for your viewing, then if you want to purchase we arrange for you to view and collect in person. This is to minimize risks surrounding covid19 and social distancing rules. 

We want to provide a safe and welcoming community space for people to come together, and especially now after what has been one of the most isolating years to date for many. With so many people unable to see family friends and loved ones, mental health has been on the rise this year. We want to do our bit to help the local community and balance things back out again for all.

Our Workshops are currently being constructed and we are working hard in the background so that we have them ready for you to enroll on from January 2021.

We can’t wait to welcome you into our new premises! We will ensure we keep all of our classes safe, and will be adhering to all necessary guidelines, which we will ensure you are aware of prior to the day of the workshop.

We have a light and airy building with plenty of ventilation, and everywhere is kept clean with surfaces, and anything used in the workshop, being thoroughly cleaned between each class. We have adapted things where possible to avoid the sharing of tools but where this is not possible they will be thoroughly sanitized between uses.

Classes are smaller than they might usually be. When you arrive we will ask you a few questions to check you are not asymptomatic, and will then direct you to our facilities to thoroughly wash your hands. Sanitizer will also be widely available for your use throughout the day. You will be guided to your workroom and shown the bench or workspace you will use for the day.

We have to ask you to wear a face covering whilst in the building unless of course you are exempt. We can offer you a clear plastic face shield if you would prefer, which would then be yours to take home. 

Clean PPE is provided by us for your use but we also ask you to wear ‘old clothes’ for many of the classes. Please go the extra mile at the moment to ensure clothes are clean.

We will have tea and coffee available but ask you to bring your own clean cup or flask at this time. We also ask you to bring your own bottle for water. This is to save us having to use single use cups, something we absolutely do not support here at TRP ♻️

This list may seem extensive but it’s really quite simple, we just want to make sure we provide a safe and relaxed space, and as soon as possible, to help lift the spirits of our local community and bring people together again!!!