Commission pieces with The Recycle Project

NHS Potting table
We were approached by the NHS stroke ward to help them with a project. We were given a brief and were tasked to build a table suitable for the ward and the patients who would be using it.
Bike table for Stamford Bridge Cafe
We were approached to create something for a cafe in Stamford Bridge. We like them that much, we created some for ourselves!
Bespoke furnishings
You can furnish your house to make it a home with these amazingly unique, hand-crafted home furnishings.
Our Projects

As you all know we have masters at work in our workshop. Creating things that are unique and special. If you have an idea for something in your garden, home, business, or your community project then get in touch. We are more than happy to help you along your journey to creating a hand-crafted piece that will bring a new level of finesse to whatever it is you are working towards. We have created tables, notice boards, stools, coat hangers and so much more! Enjoy looking through our portfolio and message us if you are interested in working together. 

Like what you see? Get involved with the creation!

We offer free drop-in sessions as well as bookable workshops.

If you would like to speak someone who knows what they are talking about then look no further. When it comes to creating and engineering something special for you or your business, the team at The Recycle Project CIC know how to bring a special touch to your home, workplace or community. Our craftsmen put time, effort and pride into everything they do. If there is something you would like to bring to life then our very passionate team will be able to tap into their expertise and see what they can do. Even if it’s an idea, give us a message and we will be able to see what magic we can work to bring your idea to fruition!


We have a wealth of knowledge in our workshops when it comes to woodwork. Whatever you can dream up, generally, we can bring to life for you. We continue to push and challenge the realms of what is possible with what we create. Take a little look at the pictures that have been captured throughout our journey so far. 

NHS Potting bench
A completely ground-up engineered potting bench for the NHS Stroke rehabilitation ward in York.
Bike table
Made for a cafe in Stamford Bridge
One-off hand-made coffee table
A customer wanted a table making for their living room. This laminated piece brought together a combination of different woods to make a wonderful patternaqAWSE.

If you are in need of some new furnishings in your home or workplace? Let us see what we can bring to life for you. If you have an idea, there is no doubt that our expert team will be able to create whatever it is you have in your minds eye. Drop us an email or shop with us online, we’re available at your convenience. 

Custom coat hanger
We were requested to make a coat hanger with a difference. This hardwood, softwood, and some stain/oils created this visually amazing addition to your home.
Bike taxidermy
After seeing this online, a customer brought this idea to us and we created it for them. We liked it that much, we created some more of our own!
String frames
These string frames are incredible and can be completely customized to have a message. shapes or something to suit your taste

Shop with us on ETSY!

We stock a range of our hand-crafted, one-off items on Etsy, head over and see what it's all about

If lighting is your thing then look no further. Our fantastic selection of custom lights will brighten up your world. We have lights inspired by musical instruments right through to industrial feeling pieces. If you don’t see something that peaks your interests, drop us a message and we can see how we can help.

Cymbal lights
We made this after an inquiry came through asking if we could piece something like this together. With premium fittings and an exquisite taste, these are a fantastic addition to a bar/restaurant/cafe or even your home!
Stripped back drum lights
Inspired by our cymbal lights, this drum light could be a fantastic addition to your cymbal light collection or even free-standing in your office.
Copper tank lamp
We were asked to create a lamp with an industrial feel.
Bespoke creations

Whatever may spark your interests, we work hard to bring a creation you have in mind to fruition. You can either shop with us in our Etsy store or simply make an inquiry with us to see if we can make whatever it is you are wanting. 

Bike table
Made for a cafe in Stamford Bridge
We designed it using our signature laminated wood look.
Delivered to the specifications, we really enjoyed making this amazing project.
Delivered with a smile
We even got The Noble Steed prepped and delivered the project.

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