House Clearances

If you have items at home you’re needing to get rid of professionally and efficiently, then look no further.

Commercial Clearances

If your premises requires a hands-on, green minded approach to a friendly and professional clearance service, then we have you covered. From small loads to full office clearances, our team will be able to help you!

Single Item Removal

We can remove single/bulky items that you may have at home or at your place of work. White goods, furniture and so much more!


If you have items you’d like to donate to us then get in touch with us. We like to make things accessible to our community that they may want or need.


We undertake all types of domestic and commercial clearance work, from single item to full property. We offer a free, no obligation quote!

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Our services are different from our competitors. We first work out how many van loads we need to remove from the site. Once we have worked this out, we work out what items we can sell back to the community, offsetting the price. If there are enough valuable goods your clearance could end up being FREE!

We carry a waste management license and are responsible for the ethical disposal of items we can’t re-use or re-home ourselves. This is reflected in the cost. As much as we are a CIC, we do have to pay for the services just like any other waste management company.

Clearances Pricing

We can actively reduce your clearances cost if there are items included that we can re-use and re-home or up-cycle.

1/4 van

£ 150
  • We help you dispose of any items you may have in your house, shed, garage or work responsibly.

1/2 van

£ 250
  • From office to industrial premises, our team will help you get the best, most efficient experience.

Full van

£ 400
  • We can collect a single item from you too, furniture, white goods, bulky items and much more!!

Please note: We do not clear asbestos. Due the to associated dangers, we would recommend getting a qualified professional to clear anything you suspect to have asbestos in it. 

Why would you choose The Recycle Project for your clearances?

What we do
Here at The Recycle Project CIC, we put what matters most first. That is the experience people have with us, transparency, and promoting a circular economy. We aim to deliver you a service that you will have to shout about! When we come and collect your items, we have a business model that helps us make the most of your items.

How can we save you money on your bill?
We fund free workshops to educate and up-skill our community. So, we might not be the cheapest out there, but we can guarantee that the service you receive is second to none and you will be helping contribute to a circular economy.


Our second-hand emporium at Hazel Court, Layerthorpe, York


Most frequent questions and answers

This depends on what items are cleared. Recyclable items cost less to remove as it doesn’t cost as much to dispose of at household waste recycling centres. A van load of non recyclable goods costs £183 to dispose of.

This depends on the size of the job, however usually the clearance can be completed within the day.

We will invoice you once the work is complete, giving 14 days to clear the outstanding balance.

We recycle as many goods as possible, separating the waste at household waste sites and getting as many reusable goods back into the community as possible.

Pretty much all items can be cleared, including electrical goods. Broken fridges, however, can only be cleared by a licensed disposal company.

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