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Circular Economy

Circular Economy
Circular Economy

“Our Recycling mission to benefit the community”
Here at the Recycle Project we encourage a Circular Economy, which is essentially an economic system aimed at eliminating waste and encouraging the continual use of resources. We are proud to say we save 20+ tonnes of waste a month, and find different ways to put it back into the community. We work alongside Yorwaste, City of York council and North Yorkshire county council, visiting waste sites in the local and wider areas and intercepting the waste. We then take the van load of goods back to our warehouse for cleaning and sorting. You just would not believe some of the things people throw away. At times it is astounding to see. We desperately need to revert back to ways of times gone by, treasuring and restoring items and trying to be much more resourceful. The aim of Circular Economy is basically to extract as much value as possible from products and materials, before recovering and regenerating them, with the aim of creating minimum waste.

We want to encourage people to rethink waste and change social norms surrounding the current throw away culture society has seemingly adopted. With profits made through the sale of the second hand goods we salvage, we are excited to be able to fund free learning workshops for the local community. Most of the items we use in the various workshops on offer have also been saved from waste. Think upcycled materials and refashioned furniture! Just another example of how these waste goods can find their way back to good use. We believe everyone needs to ‘get to know’ about Circular Economy, as we predict it will take over the traditional ‘linear’ economy model of ‘make, use, dispose’. This model is inefficient and has been pushing our planet to the brink. The climate crisis and depleting resources will not fix themselves. We believe it is our responsibility to create change, and we hope to lead by example and encourage people to rethink their own carbon footprint. Creating circular economy for five key sectors could cut Co2 emissions by 3.7 billion tons by 2050. This is equivalent to eliminating current emissions from all forms of transport!!! Key elements of circular economy are prioritising regenerative resources, preserving and extending what’s already made, using waste as a resource rethinking business models and working together for the future. Lets work together to reuse, recycle, and rethink waste. Lets help to improve our environmental, economical and social systems and change the way we work for a better future for everyone.

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Want to help make the world a better place?

Want to help make the world a better place?

Donate your unwanted goods so we can continue to recycle and reuse.

Donate your unwanted goods so we can continue to recycle and reuse.