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Arts & crafts with Margaret in Workshop 1

Who knew painting with toilet rolls could be so much fun?!

Last week saw the return of the Arts & Crafts workshops in Workshop 1. This week was a little different, we spent some time with Margaret, doing a spot of painting with some old toilet rolls. 

Yes, you heard that right! Old toilet rolls made art!

This was a calm environment, where creative juices are left to flow in their own way. With a little guidance from the tutor, it encourages participants to work at their own pace and develop their own sense of confidence. 

In the short 2-hour workshop we were able to create something rather special, have a laugh and learn something new. Not only can it be a fun afternoon out of the house but a good ups killing exercise. You might wan to learn things you can do with your kids, or want to start upcycling things from your house. 

using only, a pair of scissors, paint, paper and some toilet rolls, we quickly something the pieces of art coming together. Supplemented with lots of laughing and interesting conversations about their work. 

Arts & crafts can be used not only as a way to keep your hands busy but also as a way to re-use things that you otherwise might have just thrown out, like our toilet roll rube friend here. 

We saw a floral arrangement come together this week in Margaret’s workshop and we were over the moon with the differences in approaches. We really appreciate that people come from all walks of like which is why, we encourage a welcoming and accepting of everyone.

We would like people to really take advantage of this beautifully set up little workshop that will really help the right people. We have updated our events section on Facebook now with all of our upcoming events, we have a google calendar posted all over our website. 

We are here for you should you have any questions regarding attending or what you might expect if you were to attend one of our workshops. 

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From emotive painting to dads on crafting pumpkins, we have more than enough to be keeping you busy.

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