The Recycle Project

Recycle Project

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Our mission is to turn waste into a positive and recycle as many goods as possible. 

We travel the length and breadth of Yorkshire, recovering goods and offering them back to the community in many ways.

Saving the planet and helping the community is our commitment.

Est 2020 


Arts and Crafts
Who doesn’t enjoy getting their hands dirty?! Our arts and crafts sessions are centered around unwanted items we give a second lease of life.
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Repair Shop
These workshops will really test your skill-set. You will work on unique up-cycling projects with guidance from our multi-skilled team.
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Furniture Upcycling
This course is perfect for the first time up-cycler, or budding designer. We work at your pace. If you’re confident and want to work alone, that’s okay, but we are always on hand to give you as much guidance needed.
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Lego Building
Get creative in our Lego workshop. The only limit to what you can build is your imagination.
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Pallet Works
In these workshops we have pre stripped pallets ready to be assembled into something unique and desirable.
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“Turning waste into opportunity"

Whether you care about the earth and your environmental footprint, or the well-being of the local community, please consider us when buying or donating second hand goods. With profits raised from the sale of the second hand goods we intercept, we are funding free community workshops. We want to give people a safe inclusive space to learn new skills and meet new friends.

This is especially important right now with many people suffering and feeling incredibly isolated due to the imposed lockdown restrictions this year. We look forward to seeing many local individuals and organizations coming together and getting involved in this fantastic new project.

Spread the good word, pass the information on to others,
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EST - 2020
New Volunteers
Tonnes of waste saved every year
Active Workshops
Items recycled

Thank you for your on going support.

Without the help of these organizations we wouldn’t be able to recycle as many items as we currently do, 

we plan to grow with the ever changing world we live in. See below: